2015 Major Political Events in India

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2015 Major Political Events in India

The year 2015 was full of political events. Here is a glimpse of major political events of 2015:


Arvind Kejriwal led AAP victory in Delhi Assembly elections

The party which came out of Anna Hazare led ‘Jan Lokpal’ movement in 2011, surprised all political pundits in India by a blasting victory in New Delhi assembly elections. Riding on clean and anti-corruption image, AAP easily cornered PM Narendra Modi led NDA government sweeping elections winning 67 seats out of 70. AAP’s spectacular performance topped the list of ‘ 2015 Major Political Events in India’ list.


Talk between Indo and Pak:

A scheduled talk of indo-Pak is cancelled at the last-minute. It was the national security advisory level meeting that was cancelled by Pak saying “meeting cannot be organised on the basis of the confirmation of the preconditions set by India”. India imposed the condition of being strict on the talk of the terror and give assurance that no meeting will be held with the Hurriyat leader in New Delhi.

Surprisingly, in December NSAs of two countries met in Bangkok ad held talks. Sushma Swaraj-external affair minister traveled to Islamabad, where both leaderships restart the bilateral dialogue.These Indo-Pak talks are ranked No 2 in ‘2015 Major Political Events in India’ list

Foreign visits of PM Modi:

It was a travelling year for Mr Modi; he visited a number of foreign countries. In April, during his Germany visit, he addressed the audience of Hannover Messe and explained his government’s achievements.

His successful Canada visit in April added a chapter of Indo-Canada ties when the Canada agreed to supply uranium for India’s nuclear plants.

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In May, during China visit Modi announced e-visa for Chinese tourists. At the earliest, both elderships agreed to seek a political solution of the border dispute. In BRICKS summit, he met Russian President Vladimir Putin. In September, Modi became 1st PM of India to visit Ireland.

Modi also visited United States to address Peacekeeping summit in New York hosted by US president Barak Obama. He met top CEOs of the region and addressed Indian-Americans at the SAP Centre. In November, he travelled to the United Kingdom.

Acquittal of Jayalalithaa:

In disproportion assets case Karnataka high court acquitted Jayalalithaa. Shashikala Natarajan, J Elavarasi and VN Sudhakaran were also found no guilty. Within few days, AIADMK chief Jayalalithaa again became CM of Tamil Nadu.


2015 Major Political Events in India


Vajpayee conferred with ‘Bharat Ratna’:

This year, for the great contribution to the Indian politics the former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee was bestowed with the country’s highest civilian honour- Bharat Ratna.

India-Bangladesh land-swap agreement:

In this historic agreement 111enclaved Indian and 51 enclaved Bangladeshi were exchanged in pursuant to the 1974 land boundary agreement and 2011 protocol. Since the issue was on hold from multiple decades, it’s on the rankings of ‘2015 Major Political Events in India’ .

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India-Bangladesh land swap agreement 2015


Quota fight of Hardik Patel:

22 years of Hardik Patel started the agitation for quota for Patel community of Gujrat. He demanded that the Patidar caste is to be included in OBC category. The campaign became violent when the state government refused to accept the demand and arrest Hardik Patel.

Andhra got a new capital-Amravati:

In early 2015, Amravati was announced as a new capital of Andhra by the CM N Chandrababu. PM Modi laid the foundation stone on October 22.

Andhra got a new capital-Amravati,2015 Major Political Events in India,2015 Political Highlights,2015 political news,Indian politics,Andhra got a new capital-Amravati Amravati announced as a new capital of Andhra by the CM N Chandrababu.Amravati 2015 news

Andhra new capital-Amravati


This year, Lalit Modi made a comeback from Landon and start haunting political leader. The external affair minister- Sushma Swaraj became the first victim, and was accused of providing secure travel document from the UK to Pakistan. Later, he attacked Rajasthan’s Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje of being her secret witness to his immigration application in the UK. Both ministers managed to save their jobs.


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