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What does “Big Five” mean in africa

What does "Big Five" mean in africa,Big 5 in Africa,African BIG Five African lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, African leopard, and White/Black rhinoceros

Do you know – What does “Big Five” mean in Africa? Do you know – What does the term “Big Five” means in South Africa It’s a term originally used by hunters in Africa, which refers to the five greatest wild animals of Africa- Lion,elephant, leopard,buffalo and the Rhino.The same term “Big Five” bygone with hunting… Read More


Do you know – What is Jury Duty in USA

What is Jury Duty in USA?Why is Jury Duty required? Is going to Jury Duty mandatory?

Ever heard ? What is Jury Duty in USA Every country is evolving over a period of time, and make different laws in order to ensure more transparency and making lives of citizens better than before. The concept of JURY DUTY present in United States of America was started before 1965. In simple terms – “Jury duty… Read More

Want to write? You’re invited !!

Want to write? You're invited !! Write us at,Guest post, Where to write guest posts

Want to write? You’re invited !! Guest Blogging Write us at GlobalInfoKing invites guest bloggers to share their views / knowledge on this platform related to any of the below topics – International News / Technology / History / Interesting Facts / Online Business / Hollywood / Art / Science / Wars /Food / Health / Electronics… Read More

Do you know-TOP 10 IMDB rated Bollywood Movies

TOP 10 IMDB rated Bollywood Movies

Do you know-TOP 10 IMDB rated Bollywood Hindi Movies Since its inception in 1930’s Hollywood has given many wonderful movies to Indians and viewers across world.You might have seen many of them.Below are the movies which are rated highly by viewers and made their place in most liked 10 Bollywood movies 1. Drishyam 8.9/10  … Read More

TOP Patent Holders of United States

TOP Patent Holders of United States,Highest patenet holders in United states

TOP Patent Holders of United States The department of USPTO(United States Patent and Trademark Office) issues an report on annual “Patenting by Organizations” for the agency’s web portal. This report contains a ranked list of all United States and international corporations which got 40 or more USA patents in the current year the report was… Read More

Know the Country – Canada

Canada Flag,Canada - News,Facts,Population and Economy

Know about Canada – News,Facts,Population and Economy  Know your country – Canada Overview – Canada is a Nation, consisting of 10 provinces and three territories, in the northern part of the North America continent. It stretches from the Atlantic ocean to the Pacific and northwards into the Arctic, covering almost 9.98 million square kilometres of area… Read More

Most expensive domain deals

Most expensive domain deals,Premium domains,Best domains

Most expensive domain deals ever- And here we go, with the list of domains prices, which will change your mindset regarding the business of internet domain registration – for $35.6 million in 2010 Title- Insurance Quotes and Comparison – Car, Life, Home & Health for $34.9 million in 2007 Title-Deals on Vacation Homes,… Read More

How to improve Alexa Rank for your website

How to improve Alexa Rank for your website,How to improve web traffic

How to improve Alexa Rank for your website 10 Ways to improve Alexa rank for your website/blog – 1.Daily fresh updates for the website. 2.Sharing written content on your email network. 3.Write a blog for your website 4.Make backlinks for website 5.On-page title and description update 6.Google Adwords advertising. 7.Share updates on social media viz.… Read More