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Taxation System in India-Different types of taxes you pay !!

Taxation System in India|Different Types of Taxes in India,How is tax calculated in India,Service taxation in India,VAT in India,Total income tax in India

Taxation system in India: The entire taxation system of India comes under the central government except some points. Direct as well as indirect tax is levied on Indian civilians through some set of acts and rules. Each every duty or tax is governed by the specific law. Every year, the finance minister comes with the… Read More


TOP 10 Richest Women of 2015

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TOP 10 Richest Women of 2015 http://www.richestlifestyle.com/richest-women-in-the-world/5/   Christy Walton Total Worth – $41.6 Billion Christy Walton is the wealthiest women of the world. She inherited her wealth from her husband John Walton when he passed away in year 2005.   Liliane Bettencourt Total Worth – $40.0 Billion Also called as L’Oreal’s grand dame. Liliane… Read More

Know the Country – Canada

Canada Flag,Canada - News,Facts,Population and Economy

Know about Canada – News,Facts,Population and Economy  Know your country – Canada Overview – Canada is a Nation, consisting of 10 provinces and three territories, in the northern part of the North America continent. It stretches from the Atlantic ocean to the Pacific and northwards into the Arctic, covering almost 9.98 million square kilometres of area… Read More

How bridges are build in China?

How bridges are build in China?Bridges building technique in China

 How bridges are build in China? This 580-ton monster heavy machine is helping building bridges across China. This heavy machine is known as ‘The SLJ900/32’, OR as Segmental heavy Bridge Launching Machine. Manufactured by well known “Beijing Wowjoint Machinery Company“, it can build this bridge by extending far beyond the already installed segments to provide the next support, and roll/move… Read More

Ranking- Ease of doing business across globe

Ranking- Ease of doing business across globe,How to start a business,Best country for entrepreneurship

Ranking- Ease of doing business across globe Attached is the list of TOP 20 nations,where doing business is far more efficient,fast,systematic and hassle free compared to other nations. The mentioned stats show economies that are ranked based on their ease of carrying out business, from 1–20. A relative high ease of doing business index/ranking means the… Read More