How 3 D printer works ?

How 3 D printer works?Basics of 3D printer,Companies making 3 D printers,3 dimensional printer technology,Who invented 3D printer?How do 3D printer function

How 3 D printer works ? What is 3D printing? 3D printing or continuous additive manufacturing is a technical process of making 3D(three dimensional) object starting from a processed digital file. The final of a 3D technology printed object is achieved using various additive processes. In this additive process an object is being created by adding down successive… Read More


How paper is made?

How paper is made? Process of making paper explained.How to make paper?Paper is made of what? How pulp is converted to paper?How to make plain paper?

How paper is made? This simple material can be made by any fibrous material. China invented process in the second century A.D. the process is still the same with some improvements and refinements. Modern papermaking is quite fascinating. Papermaking invests over $100,000 in equipment, which stand as one of the most capital-intensive industries in the… Read More

How to pin a post in google+

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How to pin a post in google+   Process for pinning a post on Google Plus – By pinning a post means ,When anybody open your Google+ profile or page, the pinned post will be visible to the visitors on top. So, ideally the most important content you want to present to visitors is being… Read More

How Dental Implants are being made?

How Dental Implants are being made ? Oral care,Single tooth implant,Dental implant

How Dental Implants are being made? Ever wondered about the process of dental implants.Lets check out !! Before we get into the process, lets know ‘What are Dental Implants’ in very first place ? There are 3 parts to an “Tooth implant” – The dental implant The abutment and The artificial tooth.     The… Read More

The Biggest Tech Events of 2015

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The Biggest Tech Events of 2015 –  In this year, many big tech events drew the attention of mass population as well as helped the technology era to reach its peak progressively. The year 2015 was huge for the technological advancement industry due to major tech events. Some new events and achievements of the year… Read More

TOP Patent Holders of United States

TOP Patent Holders of United States,Highest patenet holders in United states

TOP Patent Holders of United States The department of USPTO(United States Patent and Trademark Office) issues an report on annual “Patenting by Organizations” for the agency’s web portal. This report contains a ranked list of all United States and international corporations which got 40 or more USA patents in the current year the report was… Read More

Most expensive domain deals

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Most expensive domain deals ever- And here we go, with the list of domains prices, which will change your mindset regarding the business of internet domain registration –   www.Insurance.com for $35.6 million in 2010 Title- Insurance Quotes and Comparison – Car, Life, Home & Health     www.VacationRentals.com for $34.9 million in 2007 Title-Deals on Vacation Homes,… Read More

How bridges are build in China?

How bridges are build in China?Bridges building technique in China

 How bridges are build in China? This 580-ton monster heavy machine is helping building bridges across China. This heavy machine is known as ‘The SLJ900/32’, OR as Segmental heavy Bridge Launching Machine. Manufactured by well known “Beijing Wowjoint Machinery Company“, it can build this bridge by extending far beyond the already installed segments to provide the next support, and roll/move… Read More