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Is drinking alcohol a crime in Dubai ?

Is drinking alcohol a crime in Dubai ?Rules to follow in Dubai.Dubai rulebook,Is alcohol banned in Dubai?Is drinking alcohol illegal in Dubai ?Dubai alcohol

Is drinking alcohol a crime in Dubai ? Non-Muslim residents of Dubai can get a liquor licence to consume alcohol at home. This licence is valid only in the United Arab Emirates . Also, the residents must have a permit to consume/drink only in licensed venues. Alcoholic drinks and beverages are served ONLY in licensed clubs and hotels,… Read More


TOP 7 amazingly beautiful gardens across Globe

Amazingly beautiful gardens across Globe,TOP gardens,amazing gardens across globe,Best botanical gardens,awesome gardens across world,Most beautiful gardens

Amazingly beautiful gardens across Globe The most beautiful garden expresses the feeling of love and peace. It is the best way to manage the natural beauty in a unique and attractive manner by placing all things under a platform. In this context, Gardens play a significant role in adding the beauty to the world. Interestingly,… Read More

Top 10 things to do or see in Ottawa

Top 10 things to do or see in Ottawa !! Ottawa Canada Tour,Places to visit in Ottawa

Top 10 things to do or see in Ottawa: There is the number of areas those are situated in Ottawa which are the centre point for the tourists and citizens as well. Some of them are: Canadian Parliament: The parliament of Canada shows the history and constitution of the Canada. It includes the scenes of… Read More

What does “Big Five” mean in africa

What does "Big Five" mean in africa,Big 5 in Africa,African BIG Five African lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, African leopard, and White/Black rhinoceros

Do you know – What does “Big Five” mean in Africa? Do you know – What does the term “Big Five” means in South Africa It’s a term originally used by hunters in Africa, which refers to the five greatest wild animals of Africa- Lion,elephant, leopard,buffalo and the Rhino.The same term “Big Five” bygone with hunting… Read More

Most Searched- Places to Visit across Globe

Places to Visit across Globe,Best tourist attractions,Most beautiful tourist places

Most Searched- Places to Visit across Globe Although you have seen many rankings published by various online portals claiming to be the best places to visit across world, but there are few places which continue to attract most number of tourists per year. GlobalInfoKing shortlisted few places which attract highest number of tourist places with… Read More