Do you know – What is Jury Duty in USA

What is Jury Duty in USA?Why is Jury Duty required? Is going to Jury Duty mandatory?

Ever heard ? What is Jury Duty in USA

Every country is evolving over a period of time, and make different laws in order to ensure more transparency and making lives of citizens better than before. The concept of JURY DUTY present in United States of America was started before 1965.

In simple terms – “Jury duty is service as a juror in a legal proceeding”.


Do you know - What is Jury Duty in USA? Laws for Jury Duty,United State courts,What is Jury duty like?

What is Jury Duty in USA?

Jury service is an significant civic and social duty in United States. Through service on a jury citizens have a direct participation in the administration of law and justice. Having a Jury service is a special privilege and a responsibility that has to be accepted with pride and confidence. In fact the justice system can’t function fairly until jurors perform their responsibilities and duties properly.


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