Is drinking alcohol a crime in Dubai ?

Is drinking alcohol a crime in Dubai ?Rules to follow in Dubai.Dubai rulebook,Is alcohol banned in Dubai?Is drinking alcohol illegal in Dubai ?Dubai alcohol

Is drinking alcohol a crime in Dubai ?

Non-Muslim residents of Dubai can get a liquor licence to consume alcohol at home. This licence is valid only in the United Arab Emirates . Also, the residents must have a permit to consume/drink only in licensed venues.

Alcoholic drinks and beverages are served ONLY in licensed clubs and hotels, but this is a punishable crime to drink, or to be under the influence in public. The permitted legal age for consuming alcohol is 18 in Abu Dhabi (But as per Ministry of Tourism by-law only allows hotels to serve alcohol drinks only to 21+ and 21 in Dubai and the Northern UA Emirates (Barring Sharjah, where drinking alcohol is completely illegal).

NOTE – Passengers who’re in transit through the UAE who are under the influence of alcohol may also be arrested / deported back.


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