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Canada Flag,Canada - News,Facts,Population and Economy

Know about Canada – News,Facts,Population and Economy

 Know your country – Canada Overview –

Canada is a Nation, consisting of 10 provinces and three territories, in the northern part of the North America continent. It stretches from the Atlantic ocean to the Pacific and northwards into the Arctic, covering almost 9.98 million square kilometres of area (3.85 million square miles) in total, making Canada the world’s 2nd largest country by area(Total) and the fourth largest nation by the land area. Canada shares common border with the USA make the world’s longest land boundary.


Canadian Government and Politics –

Canada has an absolute parliamentary system within the frame of a constitutional monarchy, this monarchy being the foundation for the legislative,executive and judicial branches.The main sovereign is Queen Elizabeth II, who is also sovereign head of 15 other Commonwealth nations and each of Canada’s ten provinces. In fact, the Queen’s representation by the Governor General(Canada) ,at present David Johnston, carries out major of the royal duties in Canada.

Population of Canada-

Canada Population,Total population of Canada,Population rise in Canada

Total population of Canada

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Canadian Economy –

Canada is the world’s 11th largest economy in 2015, with a GDP of approximately USD 1.79 trillion.It is also a member of the OECD(Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) and the G8 (Group of Eight), and is among the world’s top 10 business trading nations, with a highly influential globalized economy.Being a mixed economy, Canada ranks above the United States and most of the western European countries on the Heritage Foundation’s ranking of economic flexibility and freedom,and experiencing a relatively low level variation of income imbalance.The country’s average disposable household income/capita is over USD 23,900, higher than the average of OECD nations .Also, the Toronto Stock Exchange being the 7th largest stock exchange across the world by total market capitalization, has listed over 1,500 corporations with a combined market worth of over USD 2 trillion till date in 2015.


Science and Technology

In 2012, Canada spent around 31.3 billion Canadian dollars on domestic R&D, out of which around 7 billion dollars were provided by the provincial and federal governments.As of 2015, Canada has produced 13 Nobel laureates in chemistry,medicine and physics and was ranked 4th across globe for quality of scientific research in a major survey of international scientists in 2012.It is also home to the headquarters of a many of global technology company and firms.It also has one of the largest levels of Internet access across the world, with more than 33 million internet users, equivalent to almost 94% of its total population in 2014

Canada – News,Facts,Population and Economy




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