Ranking- Ease of doing business across globe

Ranking- Ease of doing business across globe,How to start a business,Best country for entrepreneurship

Ranking- Ease of doing business across globe

Attached is the list of TOP 20 nations,where doing business is far more efficient,fast,systematic and hassle free compared to other nations.

The mentioned stats show economies that are ranked based on their ease of carrying out business, from 1–20. A relative high ease of doing business index/ranking means the nations regulatory environment is more supportive and conducive to the starting and operation of a new business firm. The global rankings are made by sorting the aggregate distance to major scores on 10 various topics, each being consisting of several indicators, providing equal weightage to each topic. These global rankings for all various economies are bench marked to Feb 2015.

Ranking- Ease of doing business across globe

Singapore lead the list followed by New Zealand and Hong Kong at third place.Although ‘Ease Of Doing Business’ ranks differ from ranks on ‘Starting a business’ which shows major variations in the list. Eg. Denmark which stands on fourth ladder in overall ratings, have a distant 25 when it comes to ‘Starting a business’ and converting it to Global Brand.

Source: www.doingbusiness.org




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