Terror attacks in Paris- The Trail continues

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Terror attacks in Paris –   Spread wings of terrorism


PARIS — After the major blood shed terror attack in the capital of France,Paris , French President François Hollande termed it an “act of war,” vowed of probably major retaliation as far as the fight against the terror activities of ISIS. The attack which resulted in killing of at least 135 people, left many more wounded and sharply raised the terror threat groping Europe.

ISIS has later taken responsibility for the deadliest terror attacks in France since second World War II and among one of the most dangerous terrorist strikes on Western countries since 09/11 in United states.

Terror attacks in Paris,Francois Hollande accuses ISIS,Islamic state terror attack

Paris Terror Attack

Image – By Belfast Telegraph

Terror attacks in Paris

Friday’s vast carnage also reinforced worries regarding expanded ISIS activities and reach through propaganda and recruitment and direct evolving terror tactics among its dreaded fighters including commando form raids against its enemies in the West and across the globe.




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