The Biggest Tech Events of 2015

The Biggest Tech Events of 2015 – 

In this year, many big tech events drew the attention of mass population as well as helped the technology era to reach its peak progressively. The year 2015 was huge for the technological advancement industry due to major tech events.

Some new events and achievements of the year in the tech field are as follows:

  • Launching apple wearable watches:

By launching apple watches in April 2015, the apple has pulled itself in the wearable space of the market. In this context, the apple came up with trackers as well as smart watches. The CEO of the company mentioned that the actual sales exceed the estimated data at the very initial stage. As per the IDC forecast, Apple smart watches will lead the market of smartwatches for next few years by controlling more than 60% of the smart watch market.

2015 Apple wearable watches,2015 technical advancements

2015 Apple wearable watches


  • Instagram versus twitter:

In this year, the Facebook-owned app Instagram has recorded its users more than its competitor twitter. In September 2015, this photo sharing app hit the record of 400 million active accounts and users which were more than the twitter. After that, the twitter has replaced its CEO for the betterment of twitter’s product.


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Instagram versus twitter


  • New Space rocket race:

A big progress has been seen in the reusable rocket evolving companies which reduce the cost of the spaceflight dramatically. In this scenario, The Amazon-owned Company, Blue Origin, make a new record and history by successful launching its rocket in space. In the next few years, these rockets will be able and safe enough to carry the passenger and make a progress towards human use of the rocket.

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2015 New Space rocket race


  • Advancement of artificial intelligence:

The artificial intelligence arrived at the new heights in the tech world. In November 2015, when google proclaimed the creation of its knock-down AI system i.e. Tensor flow open source. Now, the google has made this source software available to the public that a better progress can be noticed in the machine learning area.

  • Big initiation on encryption as privacy system:

In this year, tech giants came out with a better privacy statement by improving and launching better encryption tools. This is a big and firm stand on encryption tools which will help in the betterment of the securities without any loop-hole.

  • Stage fright vulnerability in android system:

The stage fright vulnerability went public in July which exploits the number of android phones by unauthorised access in the phones. Around one billion devices exploited by this vulnerability and researcher called it as one of the biggest security flaws ever in the smartphones.

  • Self-driving cars dream turned into reality:

The most aggressive implement of the imagination of self-driving car was completed by the Tesla car maker in October 2015 by launching Autopilot System. This self-steer car will make a big change in the driving industry and be the inspiration for other car makers. Yet the system software has a lot of features included, but these cars do not automatically deactivate. So, the software needs still updates towards its betterment.

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