The Cheapest Universities in Australia

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The Cheapest Universities in Australia

No doubt, almost all the students want to go abroad for their higher education. In this context, the Australia falls in one of the preferable places for the students as the Australian universities provide better studies at cheaper prices compare to other countries.

For the international students, the Australian universities provide English medium studies as English is a worldwide language. Apart from this, they are also known for their external curriculum activities. For an overall development, it is a good idea for the wide range global students to get admission in the Australian university at the cheapest budget. You just want around 20,000 AUD dollars for the studies in Australia as only educational expenses excluding the day-to-day living expenses. Generally, most of the universities charge the different amount for the different courses. You will have to plan the budget according to the course and level of the study.

Here is a list of top five cheapest universities of Australia which provide better studies and environment:

  • Charles Darwin University: The University is well-known for its good faculty and low fee structure. This university has designed its quota in a pro-rata manner and in its manner; it has provided some seats for global or international students. The university provides a good facility for its all students studying there. It has all bachelor branches whether it is art and science or engineering.
  • University of Southern Queensland: The University is placed in the Toowoomba. This is a private university which offers a number of courses including arts, science, business, law, and technology. For more and quick inquiries of the fees structure and other facilities, you can check out its official website and contact through the E-mail facility.
  • University of New England: Rather than following the crowd, take a chance in this university for the higher education. The university is situated in the Armidale in Australia. This is the cheapest university in terms of fee and finance across all over Australia.


Australian Catholic University:

As per the records of 2014, an indicative fee for the international students for this university was around 20,137 AUD dollars. This university is a better option for the bachelor as well as the master degree in various fields. For the high education, you will have to pay high. It provides the doctorate degree too in the philosophy. This university is one of the fast-growing universities in the Australia and provides cheaper fee structure.


University of Sunshine Coast:

Studying in the regional Australia leads to the cheapest tuition fee for the international students. As per the latest records, this university charges $19800 for bachelor degree of arts and business, while it charges $24600 for engineering and science courses. Apart from this, if you want to get a master degree from this university, you will have to pay at least $25000. The university has a good reputation in building the professionals and providing super techniques.

In brief, the Australia is a good and growing place from the educational eyes and it’s better to study in Australia at cheapest cost with super knowledge. With the less compromise with the facilities, Australia is becoming the Education hub for the international students.

University having least tution fee in Australia,Cheapest tution fee courses in Australia

University having least Tuition fee in Australia,Cheapest Tuition fee courses in Australia


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