Top 10 things to do or see in Ottawa

Top 10 things to do or see in Ottawa !! Ottawa Canada Tour,Places to visit in Ottawa

Top 10 things to do or see in Ottawa:

There is the number of areas those are situated in Ottawa which are the centre point for the tourists and citizens as well. Some of them are:

  1. Canadian Parliament:

The parliament of Canada shows the history and constitution of the Canada. It includes the scenes of the Supreme Court too. This is the centre of attraction for the tourists as well as citizens. The speculating lighting scenes and music fascinate the people in the evening.

  1. By ward market:

This is also a centre of attraction for almost all tourists. It includes all attractive points from boutiques to the art performance which influence the mind mechanism of all people. It is situated at just east of the parliamentary hill.

  1. Festivals and culture:

Ottawa celebrates each and every moment. First July is the Canada day and country celebrates this day in an exceptional manner. The blue fest, Ottawa jazz festival, tulip festival of friendship, Ottawa chamber fest, etc., are the most famous festivals of this city. Every festival shows the glimpse of its culture.

  1. Art performance:

National art of gallery in Canada and national arts centre are the most visited area by the art lovers. To bring out the hidden art of the people, these places are the best platforms. It includes Ottawa little theatre, the Gladstone and great Canadian theatre company.

  1. Museum and history:

The museum of civilisation is a great place to show the history of this country. This museum contains four permanent galleries to show the gradual changes in the history.


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  1. Rideau hall and canal:

This is a perfect paragon of natural beauty. The UNESCO world heritage hall and the canal are surrounded by natural beauties. It is world’s largest naturally freeze skating rink in the winter.

  1. Adventurous outside view:

There is several lovely views platform in Ottawa. You can click the pictures of the Ottawa scenes from these platforms and enjoy the adventurous view of the Ottawa.

  1. Parks and natural scenes:

Gatineau Park is the most famous park among Canadian citizens and tourists. It has an awesome natural scene as it contains around 50 species of trees and birds.

  1. City tours:

The Ottawa is filled with attraction points and scenes including exceptional natural beauty. The overall views of the Ottawa can be felt by the city tours. In land and water tours make people able to feel the senses of this capital of Canada.

  1. Neighbourhoods feel good experience:

It offers different experiences across the capital including classical bars, plenty of restaurants, dining and nightlife interesting experiences.




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