TOP 7 amazingly beautiful gardens across Globe

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Amazingly beautiful gardens across Globe

The most beautiful garden expresses the feeling of love and peace. It is the best way to manage the natural beauty in a unique and attractive manner by placing all things under a platform. In this context, Gardens play a significant role in adding the beauty to the world. Interestingly, there are a number of big beautiful gardens and parks in the world which are not known by mango people.

Some of the most beautiful gardens across the globe are listed here:

  • Ji Chang Yuan:

This garden is located inside the Xihui Park in Jiangsu (China). Generally, the garden is famous by the name of Garden of Ecstasy. In this garden, the artificial things seem like natural beauty. The garden was built in 19 century with a lot of effort which is as it is as it was born. The flow of water and scenes of the artificial mountain is the main of view of this site.

  • Kirstenbosch:

Situated in the Cape Town of the South Africa, this world-famous garden gives furnish home to the more than 22,000 plant species. It was founded in 1913 and considered as the first Botanical garden in the whole world. It’s awesome and magical environment make it more beautiful and pleasant. This is the centre of attraction of the most of foreign visitors due to its unique environment.

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Kirstenbosch Gardens

  • Claude Monet’s garden:

This beautiful garden was the property of the Oscar-Claude Monet, who was the founder of the French impressionist painting, situated in the Giverny of France. This spectacular place including the ground house is open to visitors from April to October.Ranked number 3 among most ‘Amazingly beautiful gardens across Globe’.


Amazingly beautiful gardens across Globe (Contd..)


  • Majorelle Garden:

Covering the area of 12 acre and owned by the Yves Saint Laurent, this garden is situated in Marrakech of Morocco. This garden is named in the name of the painter Jacques Majorelle. This is the tourist destination for the outsiders as this garden is beautifully designed in many forms.

Ranked number 4 for ‘Amazingly beautiful gardens across Globe’ , the Bagh e-fin is a historical garden inaugurated as the oldest garden in 1590, which is situated in Kashan (Iran). It has Kashan’s fin bath as the crossed water rills of two pure rivers met at this place and put the four stars to the overall appearance of the garden. This most beautiful garden is mentioned as the paradise in the holy Koran.

  • Desert Botanical Garden:

In the Arizona, this beautiful garden is placed at phoenix which contains more 21,000 species of the plants covering a huge area. In many beautiful botanical gardens in the U.S., the Phoenix’s desert botanical garden is the best and most beautiful founded by the Arizona Cactus and native Flora Society.

This is one of the best gardens of the Japan, which is situated in Ishikawa having the area of 11.4 hectares. It touches the heights of the central part of the Kanazawa and maintained by the Maeda group for years and years. This stunning and charming garden is considered as one of the best gardens of the feudal lords’ garden.


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