What does “Big Five” mean in africa

What does "Big Five" mean in africa,Big 5 in Africa,African BIG Five African lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, African leopard, and White/Black rhinoceros

Do you know – What does “Big Five” mean in Africa?

Do you know – What does the term “Big Five” means in South Africa

It’s a term originally used by hunters in Africa, which refers to the five greatest wild animals of Africa- Lion,elephant, leopard,buffalo and the Rhino.The same term “Big Five” bygone with hunting era still conjure up the excitement and romance of Africa’s really exotic destinations and wildlife experiences.

Just imagine watching the setting sun over the horizon when you capture the natural moment of a group of lions hunting their prey. Seeing a buffalo strolling with strength to a water hole.

Animals which are almost struggling with extinction , The rhino with its extraordinary horns along with bad temper. Also the leopard with its remarkable speed and beauty with hunting skills.

As per general saying,Many people and travelers treat a visit to South Africa and wildlife incomplete till they have spotted and captured “The Big Five” with their optical devices.These legends of the wildlife have almost become synonymous with African tourism.

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