Who is Donald Trump?

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Who is Donald Trump? Biography of Donald Trump

The New York is the native place of Donald John Trump. After having studies, he became an active business king in real estate market. His ambition to be a president is announced officially in the media conference.

Starting life and education:

On 14 June 1946, Donald john came on this planet. The Donald john trump was the fourth child out of five children of the Fredrick C. and Mary Macleod Trump. Having the positive attitude, at the age of 13, his father sent him to the New York Military academy. Mr Fredrick was also a good business tycoon in the real estate field that influenced the mindset of his son and gave these qualities in the heirdom to the Donald.

Moreover, Donald performed well in the academy and became the student leader. Apart from this, he completed his graduation in 1968, in economics subject, from the University of Pennsylvania.

Work as real estate developer:

Donald was good at studies and later, he joined his father’s business having the company name Elizabeth Trump & Son. In the highly competitive time, the ideas of the Donald helped the business a lot, and he gave the new heights to his father’s business. In 1971, Donald became the business king as the control of the company was transferred to the Donald.

Gradually, Donald trump indulged in large building projects to find better opportunities and earn a high profit by his skills in architectural design. He also agreed with one unprofitable project, and another one to get the tax abatement. He opened a hotel in 1980 that brought a great success that made him best-known business developer in the city.

Empire expansion:

After his marriage in 1977 to Ivana Zelnickova Winklmayr, he appointed Ivana as the vice president of his big empire. He leased the property at a very high charge to many famous companies. In 1980, he acquired the property in Atlantic. Moreover, he bought the largest hotel-casino in the world.

He worked for many properties, complexes, hotels and malls, and spent a lot in making the world’s tallest building.

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House of Donald Trump


Commercial ups and downs:

In 1990, he faced off the decline in the real estate market, and he was not able to achieve his estimated goals of the business. Though, he got a lot of media attention and worked well in the south side. He reached the level of insolvency once, but he come back strongly again in 1997 with the reported net worth of $900 million.

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Personal life and politics:

Like business life, Donald faced off many ups and downs in personal life too. The image of Donald Trump maculated due to his controversial separation with his wife. Later, he again married in 1993 to Marla Maples. In June 1997, he also divorced Maples at the cost of $2 million as separation living agreement. January 2005 was the time when Donald married the third time to a model Knauss, and she gave the birth to her first child and fifth child of the Donald.

On august 3, 2000, he got a favoured decision from the state appeals court and after it, he left behind many of its competitors. In 2004, he worked for a hit show in the NBC reality shows. After this show, he became the celebrity apprentice and indulged in politics interest again.

Competitor for befitting a president:

In 1999 and 2000, he tried to give feathers to his aspiration of becoming the nominee of the president position. Though, he didn’t get expected response in this field, he didn’t leave his dream. In June 2015, Donald trump announced that he is going to take tickets for 2016 election for president candidate.

A controversial campaigner:

After his official announcement, He did many controversial and derogatory remarks on the reputed people and that made the journey of the Donald for the president position tougher and ultimately, he has become a controversial campaigner. The NBC universal is going to end its commitment with Donald due to its derogatory remarks. He had to pay a lot due to his rough remarks.

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