World History – Top 5 Deadliest wars

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World History – Top 5 Deadliest wars

Top 5 Deadliest wars in the world history:

Conflicts of human interest and rights have been seen in the world from time to time. Interestingly, the world had faced a number of domestic as well as global wars with a huge financial as well as life loss. It is quite impractical to depict the actual loss and scenario, but an estimation of these wars ended with a hopeless situation. Almost in all big wars, the death numbers were in millions. Top five man-made wars that cause the highest death in the world are listed here:

The first World War:

In the summer of 1914, a big war came out in the Europe and took the form of the biggest global bar. This war was ended in November 1918 with a big loss to the world. In this war, the world was divided into two powerful teams say, Allies and the central power. The highest death estimate after this world war was 65 million. Advanced fire system was used in this war and due to these tools, a number of people died.

The second World War:

After the First World War, the slogans of peace and assurance of non-violence were failed. In 1939, a strong “Total War” again began with more advanced technology and system. After few years of first world war,  Between two powerful forces, many powerful techniques like the bomb, nuclear weapons, automated guns, landed bombs, etc., had used. In 1945, this global war was won by the Allies team. In this war, around 100 million military personnel participated and overall death estimate was 72 million. The war was so big and cruel that it left its marks in almost every nation. As the consequence of the Second World War, the power of the Western Europe downed and a big rise in the soviet nation has been marked and is included in ‘ Top 5 Deadliest wars’Top 5 Deadliest wars

The Taiping Rebellion:

It was a big war in southern china that leaded in the death loss of around 20 to 100 million people. The war riser got the help from French and Britain. As it was a long war in the history which started in 1850 and reached at the end in 1864, many civilians died. At that time, the Hong Xiuquan proved himself as the younger brother of the Jesus Christ and ruled the kingdom heavenly. This war was led by the Hong Xiuquan against the Qing Dynasty.

Mongol Conquests:

This blood-thirsty event took place in 1207 and rest in peace in 1472. The Mongol Empire, at that time, was the largest empire which covered a huge area of the earth. It is believed that many Chinese commit suicide collectively for avoid being wiped out by the Mongolians. The life loss estimate was 60 million being major reason to be included in ‘Top 5 Deadliest wars

An Lushan Rebellion:

In the seventeenth century, the china was ruled by Tang Dynasty, a big war dragged by the An Lushan. It is quite interesting to know that An Lushan was an ex-tang general and he declared himself the emperor of the kingdom. Ranked at number 5 for ” Top 5 Deadliest wars ” in this war of eight years (from 755 to 763), around 13 to 36 million people died.

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